Ever looked up at the night sky and felt a sense of wonder and awe? Considered how small your planet is, and marveled at the vastness of space? Wondered what lies beyond the farthest visible stars, what life could be like on other planets?

Then did you hop on your spaceship and zoom off with no plans to ever come back? Call Space Explorers Anonymous! We can help!

"I was forty seven trillion light years from home when I joined SEA. I'd lost my job, my house, my friends. After completing their 9-step program, I've settled down on a cozy little planet and only leave once a week to go to the grocery store. Thanks, SEA! You gave me my life back!"

"Little Bobby could never focus in school. He was always looking out the window, staring at the sky. At home, all he wanted to do was read science fiction pulp magazines and study star charts. Luckily his parents saw the warning signs, and with our early intervention program he now enjoys playing baseball, reads teen magazines, and has a 3.0 in school. He no longer shows any interest in looking at the stars.”

“My wife bought a telescope, and after that she never seemed satisfied with anything in her life. She no longer enjoyed her favorite activities, and threw away her collection of antique china trinkets shaped like bees. She started going out on trips on our rocket, short at first, then longer and longer. One day she left and never came back. If only we had found out about SEA in time!”

Are you or a loved one a space explorer? Take this simple test to find out!
-Do you enjoy looking at the night sky?
-Do you have a sense of curiosity and adventure?
-Are you unsatisfied with your current lifestyle?
-Have any of your relatives blasted off into space or mysteriously disappeared?
-Do you own or are you planning on purchasing a high-powered rocketship?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, you may be at risk! Contact one of our 3,472 support centers scattered throughout the known universe today, and get a free consultation and inspirational pamphlet. Remember, there is always hope!


About the artist

47 is an observation robot sent from the planet Ra-Has to observe the humans. After joining up with the mysterious art collective the Spacerobot Crew, she's had a chance to observe many other stories from around the galaxy. She currently lives on the planet Earth.


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